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I'm trying this new thing where I let the brides write their blog posts almost entirely based on what they send me in their pre-wedding questionnaire. This doesn't mean I'm not still going to tell you how amazing my brides are, it just means I'm giving them more of the stage. Jordan is another of the Brew Top crew to get married, making my 3rd girl in two years (come on the restof ya, get engaged! ;D) & she definitely has the sweetest soul. Jordan didn't let anything stress her out, even when her hotel forgot to bring her family on shuttles, and she let her wedding party take care of it. Weston Farm provided us all with apple cider slushes while we walked around their apple orchard, and helped us carry out Jordan's dream day.  Scroll down for more of Jordan + Eric's sweet story, as well as another photobomb from me at the wedding. I love my brew top girls, and Jordan was gracious enough to have a photo op with me. Here's to a happy rest of your life, Dalbeys!

"A guy in a new city, went to a bar with a friend thinking nothing of it, other than wanting to grab a drink and watch a game, but wound up meeting his new best friend and future wife. This guy may have taken 6 months to ask this beautiful girl out, but, he did it. From the first date on, we never had a moment where we didn't want to spend the rest of our lives together. A year into the relationship, on Jordan's 23rd birthday, Eric popped the question on a romantic gondala ride in downtown KC, and that is how we arrived to today. The rest is history!"

the proposal

We had dinner reservations on the plaza for my 23rd birthday. Eric sweetly had sent me shopping for a new dress and to get my nails done as one of my presents. We got ready and headed down for drinks before hand. Eric wouldn't sit down at the bar which was strange and then even stranger said that we should take a walk down by the river. My then boyfriend from Minnesota wanted to walk in the hot August sun. Strange but sure, let's go. We walked past a stand where you could take a gondola ride on the river. I didn't know we had those in KC! The woman running the rides came up to us and asked, "Do you have reservations?" To which Eric answered, "Yes, we do" I turned to him confused. "Babe, I know we have dinner reservations but she's going to think we have reservations here" "We do" He smiled at me and took my hand. I was so surprised!! He had booked a birthday ride complete with a rose, cake and sparkling juice with souvenir glasses! We got settled on the boat and he asked our driver to take our picture. Another strange action, he hates pictures! He takes them when I ask but I was so pleased he had offered! On cloud nine at this point we took a few pictures. I couldn't wait for our ride! Eric told me to check the phone and see if I liked the pictures. I went through them and noticed Eric wasn't sitting there smiling like I was, but trying to pull something out of his pocket. Confused I turned to him to ask what he had been doing and when I turned he was holding my ring!! I could not believe this was really happening!! We had gone to look at rings so I knew that eventually he would ask but he really had surprised me! I waited for him to say something, to ask and he just kept smiling at me! I finally asked if he was going to say something to which he replied," Do I have to?" I laughed and said, "Of course, yes!!" He tried to hand me the box and I laughed again. "You have to at least put it on me" The driver who no longer held the phone since he had given it back to me and had been awkwardly standing there congratulated us and we took off. It was perfectly awkward and perfectly us. He told me how nervous he was even though he knew I would say yes. We both cried although he would kill me for telling you that :) we spent the ride just us, talking about how he pulled it off, how he was going to wait until our friends wedding in November but that he just couldn't. He also had gotten us both Qualo rings, for us to wear at the gym, one of our favorite places to go together. He had thought of everything. We called our parents and went to dinner with our best friends, just enjoying being engaged for a night before telling everyone else the next day. Best birthday ever

advice for future brides:

"Find ways to save but don't skimp on what is really important to you. We were going to go without a videographer until I realized that I would regret not having one. We found one we love and I am so happy we booked her. It's your day, do what you want."a


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