Bebe + Ryan | Love at Antioch Park

Let me tell you something that very few people know.

I started taking photos because of two people. One is a woman on myspace whose work I still follow. (Shoutout to Corinne over at The other is Bergundy Konnen. If I wasn't completely sure she'd kill me for it, here is where I'd insert some of her famous selfie work from high school. She is the reason I picked up a camera, joined the newspaper team, & learned how to use Photoshop at all. Her knack at coding neopets websites and myspace layouts rivaled many and her creativity was absolutely mind boggling. I still don't know if I could put together 1/2 of what she did back then.

College kept us apart for a bit, but when I was back in Kansas City I was able to connect with Bebe on her track to become the best damn nurse ever (obviously I'm biased but I think she's pretty great) and live this super cool life with her boyfriend, Ryan. Ryan's got cool hair, better taste in music, and a very old soul. They live together with their dogs Etta & Sade (if you get the references, I also think YOU are cool) and their little personality cat, Bruce.

After 7 years together, Bebe decided it was finally time to get some professional photos of the two of them. They decided to not try to force their dogs into some photos and just take a walk around downtown Overland Park with me. Then, we headed on out to Antioch Park for a better setting for the super cool hat Ryan HAD to have in photos. You'll quickly see how well these two work together. The piggy back photo is a personal favorite & Bebe's pokemon catching watch had me cracking up. Her commitment to being a Pokemon master? Also unrivaled.