Hey Lyles! | DeLeon Event Space Kansas City Wedding

Cedrick & Ashley's first dance was a choreographed 2-step

That wasn't even the most fabulous thing about this wedding at The DeLeón.

Ashley's been following my work since before I graduated college. (Right? I'm surprised she hired me too! Only kidding.) She's a teacher, a planner, a crier, & an enormous sweetheart. She kept me laughing all day and her laid-back demeanor meant that even though she was in the make-up chair 10 minutes before she went down the aisle, she was cool as a cucumber. (People still say that, right?) Cedrick is her perfect match. He is calm and jovial where she is loud and joking. They complete one another, they move really well on the dance floor and combined they've got a huge family that loves them so much.

Scroll through to check out their beautiful venue and details, they really thought of everything and the venue's decor matched their elegant theme perfectly.

How they met:

Cedrick: The first time I saw Ashley was the summer of 2015, working summer school. After I had clocked into my second job at LINC, that's when I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I asked my co-worker about her and he told me she was married. Only later did I find out, she was a new addition to our building, but she was single. Two months later at the first meeting of the school year, she was still on my mind. While talking after the meeting I realized there was something quirky, yet innocent, about her; it was an instant magnetic attraction.

Ashley: I remember Cedrick as "the guy that chased me out of the meeting". I thought he was pretty cute when I met him at our first meeting in August 2015, but didn't think much of it because we were co-workers. The more we talked before and after school, the more I began to fall for him. We talked for 5 months before he got the courage to tell me he was interested in me (If you ask him, he claims he was dropping hints...they were bad hints).


How did he propose?

Cedrick popped the question on July 13, 2016. He had to go to St. Louis for a work trip and I got to go with him. Tuesday, July 12th we decided we wanted to go to the Gateway arch the next day, I bought the tickets online and we were set for 4:45 the next day. The next day there was a crazy storm. I remember sitting in the lounge, looking out at the airport runway as I was decorating my new teacher planner (yes, I'm THAT kind of teacher, lol) while Cedrick was gone at his meetings for the day. I looked away from the window for a second, the next thing I knew, the lights flickered in the hotel, the TV and internet went out, the sky turned black and the rain came POURING DOWN. I immediately assumed our plans were canceled for the arch, but Cedrick called me and said everything would be okay. He made it back to the hotel at 4:00 and I was afraid we were going to be late, once we got dressed and in the car, we hit rush hour traffic on the highway. After we parked, Cedrick got stopped at the security check in for 2-3 minutes [I later found out it was because he was explaining that my ring was in his pocket : ) ]. This day was feeling like a series of unfortunate events, I wanted to give up and go home. Cedrick again reminded me that everything was going to be okay, of course, I trusted him and we made our way to the top. Once there, I couldn't tell you much of what happened next. I remember looking out the windows and taking pictures. Cedrick asked me to face him, he pulled out the ring, and I broke into tears. Neither one of us had noticed the youth group of about 50 people that came up shortly after we did and saw the entire thing. After that the 620 day countdown until we were husband and wife began!

Advice for future brides? TAKE YOUR TIME! Cedrick and I were engaged for nearly 2 years before our big day. When I told anyone our date, there response would be, "Dang, why so far away?". I felt like I was consistently defending our day. At the end of it all, other people's opinion doesn't matter. We were able to save up to have the wedding we really want and get to grow closer and stronger as a couple. #TeamLongEngagement

What couldn't you have done without? The day of coordinator. thankfully my venue comes with one. But if you don't have one, get one. There is so much going on that day that I don't want to have to do anything but enjoy our wedding day.


DJ: Fernando Productions Cake: Blue Thistle Cakery Floral: Good Earth Floral Design Studio Videography: MOVE Weddings Catering: Plaza Catering