Hey Bricks! | Married at Pavillion Event Space

Hannah and meredith found me through their bridesmaid, jessica.

She was also a bridesmaid in the wedding that I photographed and was a bridesmaid in.

then they told me they were getting married at pavillion event space.

Two adorable ladies and one of the venues on my bucket list? I’m in.

When I saw how many people were in their bridal party, I thought these girls must be loved. Then I saw the couple hundred people who showed up and sat on trash bags in the cold so they could get their dream outdoor ceremony and I knew they were loved. It was so humbling and wonderful to hear not a single complaint. It was just a bunch of people ready to see these women live out their dream of marrying one another.

These two met in their sorority in 2013 and it’s been love since. When I asked them about their proposal story, it definitely touched the heart of this lady right here who loves board games.

I asked her to marry me among family and friends at the winery. We love board games so I asked her playing "The Game of Things" Instead of me writing an answer to the prompt I wrote "Will you marry me" instead!

When I asked Hannah what she would change about this whole wedding process, her answer was simple.

Getting engaged to her sooner