Hey Plantes! | Wedding at Californos

MeKayla and rory were a #matchmadeinwarby and the rest was history.

In honor of my unapologetic love for puns, I’ll let you know that MeKayla actually said, “We met while both working for Warby Parker. It was love at first sight! (get it? Because Warby Parker sells eyewear... but also, it really was love at first sight).” If you’d like me to immediately love you, make a pun and make it good.

Californos Westport is one of the most versatile and amazing wedding venues in Kansas City, and I was so excited when MeKayla and Rory told me that’s where they were getting married. It’s a restaurant/bar as well as a wedding venue that has adorable indoor and outdoor options. These two made their indoor space their own in the most amazing and thoughtful way with beautiful greenery and it was one of the cutest setups I’ve ever seen.

Their first look was perfect and intimate, and they had written their vows to read in private, which is a super cute tradition that I’m loving. Folks, if you know you’re going to be emotional and you’re not great with an audience, there is NO shame in making your vows completely private. I actually think it’s super adorable and it’s fun to get a quick picture of the setup then I can leave you alone to feel the love.

Wanna hear an even cuter proposal?

Rory had an elaborate plan for a scavenger but, the morning of the proposal day, MeKayla accidentally found the ring. Rory had to propose on the spot, which was in our apartment at 6:00am. We both had to work at 7am but were able to celebrate by leaving work early and hitting our favorite restaurant.

Flowers- Craig Sole Designs
Music - DJ fernando
Hair- Rachel Ross
Makeup - Danielle Pistono
Venue - Californos