Meghan + John | Engaged at Sar Ko Par Park

Exploring new parks is always fun,
but doing it with your couples is better
go see sar ko par park!

Megan reached out to me after seeing my work with The Millers & when we met up, I was so stinkin’ happy she chose me. We had so much in common, it was crazy, right down for our love of lil blind pups. She’s a school teacher and also teaches some dance lessons (I did ballet/tap/jazz as a teenager!) She’s super spunky, incredibly kind, and has teacher written ALL over her.

Meghan and John are getting married next summer with an impressively sized guest list at one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. It’s going to be a total party AND if their engagements are any indication there’s going to be plenty of laughs. So be sure to check back around then.

For these photos we took a walk around Downtown OP, where The Wife was coincidentally showing. We took advantage and Meghan didn’t even question my corny nature, smiled happily for the picture, and now it’s one of my new favorites. They still had some hay laid down, so we definitely took advantage of that and then we headed to Sar Ko Par Park. I can’t believe I’ve never stopped there with how much I’ve driven past it, but it’s so cute, has an adorable pond area and they’ve recently redone it to have some really cute bridges too. I may adopt it as a new picnic location.

Ch-ch-check out these babes being babes, and let me know how much you cringed at our corny bride sign. Be aware, I’m gonna tell you I don’t care, but if you need to get it out, go for it. It’s SO CUTE.

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