The Best Kansas City Wedding Venues

Kansas City has the most beautiful, awe inspiring venues.

Living in the midwest means we get farms, industrial spaces, AND the most chic and modern spaces very close to each other. In no particular order, and I really really mean that, I’ve gathered some of my favorite wedding venues to photograph.

After 5 years of doing this, I feel like this year has really opened my eyes to places I didn’t know were around. They all have unique and interesting notes. I’d love for you to let me know your favorite venues and why! Please feel free to comment.

  1. The Pavilion Event Space

    I went to this venue once for a retirement party when I was in my preteen years. This venue looked NOTHING like this. It’s in an unassuming spot, right off of 40 highway in Independence, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t shining. Their outdoor ceremony space is completely unique and provides amazing spots for photos. Their indoor space is elegant and has a TON of room for guests.

Photographer notes:
The indoor space is super dark for photos & because of the ceilings it’s difficult to bounce light, so take note. Also, when shooting towards the building from their ceremony space, there’s a perfect view of their parking lot. Try to get creative about those angles. Also, be prepared for there to be no windows in the getting ready space.


2. Weston Red Barn Farm

Weston Red Barn Farm has two options for barns. The photo of the inside of the barn featured below is from the “lower barn” also known as the older of the two. If the newer or upper barn is anywhere near as beautiful as the lower barn, I would like them to let me to know how to get married in both. When I photographed there, there was a shuttle involved as it is a little out of the way and it is open in a way much like Louisville Cider where there are patrons and the people who run the store are so nice. I got a couple of cider slushies while we were working and it was one of the best parts of the day. (Besides the marriage, of course)

Photographer notes:
There’s TONS of open space which is beautiful for sunset but challenging during high noon. Be comfortable in direct sun. Don’t be afraid to explore the space. The apple orchard is absolutely freaking beautiful


3. Legacy at Green Hills

The Legacy at Green Hills is a place i’m highly considering for my future nuptials. The staff is friendly AND there’s a freaking airbnb attached. Nothing sounds more fun than having a sleepover with your friends before your wedding. There’s plenty of space for everyone to get ready and I even had two brides get ready in the same spot because that’s how easy it was for them to avoid each other. There’s so many spaces to take photos around the property and the venue is off a pretty calm road. We were able to take photos in the street no problem. The venue also allowed us to take their engagement photos there. In the dead of winter, the place was just as pretty as the day of the wedding.

Photographer notes:
There’s so much natural light in the house, it’s amazing. My only real “gripe” with this venue is that the parking lot is in the way of the reception space. They do have curtains they can draw (pictured below) but it gets opened and closed often so I still have photos with cars in the background. Also due to the direction of the sun it will REALLY mess with your colors (mostly your greens) before you’re done.


4. DeLeon Event Space

Another venue with amazingly friendly owners. They’re super polite and accommodating and I always love working with husband and wife teams.Everything is in one building, which is extremely easy and the ceremony spot is classic looking. The wedding suites for getting ready are BEAUTIFUL and can double as a great place to take portraits in case it rains and you don’t have many other options. Which is a drawback, this venue isn’t super close to “hot spots” for photos in KC but we just headed across the street to get what we needed which worked very well.

Photographer notes:
I can’t think of anything of note, other than a reiteration that depending on your timeline, going off site for photos may not be possible. There aren’t any outdoor options for ceremonies (that I know of) so you’ll need some confidence with indoor lighting. The venue itself is gorgeous though and most rooms have plenty of natural lighting so you shouldn’t have a real “issue” until you get to the reception.


5. Your Backyard/The Mountains/Your favorite Park

I know, what a twist! I think that intimate, in home weddings or eloping somewhere is one of the most special things a couple can do. It’s 2018! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! Weddings have veered so far off the traditional track and it’s AMAZING. Make men your “bridesmaids”. Get married DURING dinner. Scale a mountain and say your vows. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Weddings are too much money and are about making memories, not about doing what everyone else in your life wants.

Photographer notes:
Photographers, get ordained. I am and it’s the best thing, I’ve got a couple of people lined up to take me out with them privately and I’m gonna marry them and photograph it and it’ll be SO GOSH DANG BEAUTIFUL.