Hey Mathews! | Newlyweds in Downtown Overland Park

These two met on myspace...

The rest is history.

Niccy & Jon have been together for 9 impressive years. They got married back in February after a smooth cruise spit them out at St. Thomas. I got to watch the whole thing on Facebook Live and I promise, it was beautiful. Niccy has impeccable style (scroll past the hockey jerseys, I promise I'm not crazy) and looks cute in literally everything, and in our 6+ year friendship, it's what I've determined I'm the most jealous of. She can dye her hair any color, she can put on any outfit, and she looks great. (In case you were wondering in a close second and third place are the fact that she is amazing at saving money & she's got the cutest dogs in town.)

Niccy & Jon always keep each other laughing, love to play Pokemon Go! together, and are great at annoying one another like only two people who've been together 9 years can. It's been amazing watching the most responsible person I know become a wife and get everything she deserves in life. I also felt absolutely blessed she came down to stay with me this past weekend after a rough plane ride home from Cali! I wanted to photograph them again in their wedding attire since I didn't get to be there for the big day, but after determining that was way too much work, we compromised on a newlywed session.

These two packed up jerseys for their favorite hockey team for a couple shots of being super fans and then we headed to downtown Overland Park for some photos by the cutest theater.

Congrats to my best friend and the love of her life, I'm so excited to see where life takes them.