Ellen + Dru | Kansas City Engagement | Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson Atkins Museum is the perfect place for a Kansas City Engagement.

It's even more perfect when your clients are theatrical, super in love, & hilarious.

How does a guy from Seattle meet a girl from Kansas City & end up in love and in New York? Easy! Being a writer/actor/comedian and having that completely in common. These two have an impressive resume and if you think you recognize them, Dru is part of the illustrious UCB & Ellen is easy to spot in such gems as How to Get Away with Murder.  (P.S - She says Viola Davis & Shonda Rhimes are amazing!!)

Dru & Ellen fit together like a glove and I've never meant that so sincerely. I let them know my approach to engagement sessions and they just melted into each other. I love when couples are obviously in love and easy to photograph and they were both.

These two are getting married at the Kansas City Public Library this fall & they're having an epic reception at a distillery, so you'll have to stay tuned for more of this cuteness.