Amber + Spencer | Kansas City Sweethearts

Sunday we went on adventures through a parking garage, the nelson, & the river market.

Through training my main man to help me photograph, it's been amazing to bring him along on these photo adventures. He's a great "pack mule" (his words, not mine), it lets us sneak in our favorite activity (double dating), and we get to exercise together through trekking all over the city.

This weekend, we made official friends with one of my favorite pals from Twitter. I'm sure you're sensing a theme here, but honestly, the best people come from there. Amber is a local artist who is EXTREMELY talented. She's a photographer, illustrator, and total babe. Her and Spencer are a complete creative dream team and while we had dinner my jaw completely dropped while Spencer showed me some of his past work. I shouldn't have been surprised as he's an art institute graduate, but honestly they are amazing artists.

So naturally, I felt like these images had to reflect that. So check out some stuff I rarely do but would love to include more of in future sessions.