Hey Millers! | Wedding at The Legacy at Green Hills

The Legacy at Green Hills is a GORGEOUS North Kansas City venue and the people who run it are a dream.

From start to finish Whitney & Casey's big day ran smooth as heck. Everyone was helpful, everything was taken care of, & it was stress free as could be. Although the 95 degree heat really took a toll on some of the vendors, the brides made sure everyone stayed hydrated and taken care of. The love they showed for each other and the people around them made it easy to see why such a big crowd showed up for them and why everyone was so full of emotion watching them commit to each other forever.

How they met:

"Casey's best friend from high school, Alex, went to college with me in Iowa. About half way through my junior year at Simpson, Alex had a different friend from high school visiting, so a big group of us were hanging out. At some point during the night, Alex and her friend told me that they had a best friend from high school that they just HAD to link me up with - Casey Miller. So of course I began doing all of the essential creeping on Casey's social media, and I was hooked. I spent the next couple of months basically forcing Alex to give Casey "low-key" exposure of me via Snapchat and random conversation (I know, super subtle). Unfortunately as life goes sometimes, the timing for Casey and I to cross paths wasn't then; we were both just at different points in our lives. Months and experiences passed by (legit an entire year), and my life continued to unfold, but I found myself all too often checking up on Casey's life from a distance to see how it was unfolding too, hoping that maybe our paths were heading towards each other on their own. I distinctly remember throughout that year having this notion of "when" our paths would cross, not "if" they would.

Fast forward to pretty much exactly one year later since I first heard who Casey was; I was going to be having a reunion hangout sesh with Alex and some other college friends, and was super excited for this because I felt I was finally in a position to mention Casey again and get the scoop from Alex. When I got to my friend's place, Alex said to all of us, "So, what's new guys?!" - As I began to answer, before I could even finish my sentence saying that I was single and wanting to revisit that idea about dating her friend Casey, Alex immediately and frantically began to shout that for months, Casey had been asking and asking about me! Turns out for the last year, she too had been checking up on me from a distance to see how my life was unfolding, also hoping maybe our paths were heading towards each other's on their own! I happened to get Casey's phone number that night, we ended up meeting just a few days later, and we haven't looked back since."

Their proposal story:

"Going in to proposing to Casey, we had always chatted about certain things we would want out of a proposal/engagement/wedding, etc., such as "I would love to be proposed to outside.", or "I would love to get engaged during the spring!". Our anniversary is on January 13th, so we like having date nights on the 13th day of any month we're able to make it happen. I had decided in October that I wanted to propose to Casey, so as I began thinking of how I wanted to do it and when, I saw that May 13th was going to be on a Saturday and thought that would be the perfect date! It's on the 13th, it's during the spring time, and Casey will have zero idea that it's coming because I made her think our "engagement time frame" wouldn't be for another 1.5+ years. So for the proposal itself, we were in Kansas City "for Mother's Day weekend" (so she thought), but planned to "get all dressed up and have a picnic at Loose Park as a fun, cute anniversary date". So Casey and I left for Loose Park around noon that day, and spent the entire day there - literally, we were there until 5:30. This was because behind the scenes, I had her family and my family setting up for an engagement party to be had directly after the proposal; one with our entire family, all of our closest friends, and even two of Casey's best friends who made the trip from Texas. Around 5 o'clock, the time finally came to propose, so I gave her my speech, got down on my knee, and popped the question! Casey immediately started ugly crying in disbelief - had no idea what was happening and didn't believe it because she was in such shock, but eventually said YES! (OK, maybe I just started putting the ring on anyways before getting an official answer). We got a couple of pictures, packed everything up, then headed back to her house. Casey knew my family would be there, but had NO IDEA what she was walking into with a surprise party of 40-50 people. It was so fun and such a surprise to celebrate with all of our loved ones, and she was especially in awe when she saw her Texas friends pop out and surprise her! The best part was, everyone was in disbelief that we spent 5 HOURS at the park - but to Casey and I, it felt like maybe an hour had went by. Proposal or no proposal, it genuinely was just the best day ever... though it was definitely better with the proposal included."

Advice for engaged couples: 

"Be present. Be present throughout the process because it flies by. Be present with your fiance because the stress of planning a wedding is chaotic. There are millions of emotions and it's very hard not to get wrapped up in all of them, so just work on intentionally being present and grounded."


Floral - Studio 421 Floral Design
Catering - KC Taco Company
DJ - Complete Weddings
Venue - Legacy at Green Hills
Bar Service - Embrace the Grape
Hair & Make-Up - Posh KC