Chloe + Josh | An Anniversary in Lee's Summit

Hiking, & sunflowers, & anniversaries in lee's summit.

Officially my new favorite things. I've known Chloe for AGES. Her older brother was my best friend in middle/high school and I can still so clearly hear her picking up the phone and screaming into it because we'd been talking for hours and she was tired of it.

Chloe still has all of that spunk, and has expanded upon it becoming a big hearted, hilarious, and talented woman. Her relationship with Josh is truly one to admire. If you're into the "Bumble" scene or are one of those people who have found themselves to feel hopeless about online dating, they may be inspired by another blog written about them!

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For their anniversary, Chloe and Josh wanted to start their session by documenting how life hasn't really changed for them. Their day to day looks the same, their wedding day was just two people in love in fancy clothes declaring to do the same each day with... slightly less fancy clothes.

From there we headed out to a nearby park in Lee's Summit called Winterset Nature Area. We had a nice hike. I only slipped like four (or ten) times. It was nice to be somewhere in KC that wasn't ungodly warm for once. From there we made a quick trip to a nearby sunflower field which we were lucky to catch right before it died. 

Take a note out of their book! Make your anniversary and sweetheart sessions completely personable and unique. You'll love the photos so much more if we're doing something that means something to you. Check out these photos for more inspo!