Katie + Jesse | Kansas In-Home Session

I have been dying to do an in-home session for ages.

So when Katie and Jesse told me they were renovating their kitchen and would love to cook for me when it was done, it was a big "hell yeah!" for my boyfriend and me. Especially as big proponents fo double dates and delicious food.

The menu?

Caprese Salad
THE BEST GRILLED CHEESE OF MY LIFE (Fig + Prosciutto & Avocado, Bacon, Cheese)
Chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache +  fancy ice cream (aka Affogato)

George and Percy were amazing helpers and I've been literally thinking about the grilled cheese since I left their home. We're super excited to visit again and make even more memories in their decked out new kitchen, but for now, hopefully the images we got help you at least imagine how amazing it was to be a part of it.