Dalia + Richard | Sweetheart Session at the Sprint Campus

Sprint Campus has a killer parking garage view.

However, i've never taken the time to just walk around and see what all it has to offer. One of my favorite things to do is find a new location and just photograph there. It makes me push myself and try things I normally wouldn't.

For this session, I rented a Sony A7iii

I wanted to see if I would swap from the Canon system. I've played with the idea of moving to Nikon or a smaller mirrorless system for my arthritis for a while. For now, I've decided I'm sticking with Canon. My main reasons?

  1. The writing to disc takes too long. I'd have to wait quite a while between portraits and as someone who shoots in between moments knowing that the maximum was 31 shots at one time was aggravating and too slow moving for me.
  2. I found myself pushing the ISo too long when unnecessary because of button placement (but I do realize I can customize that)
  3. Colors out of camera are a bit too magenta. Again, something I can fix, just an annoyance
  4. The smaller viewfinder/space seen made composing a bit of a hassle for me.
  5. Backlighting was ROUGH and as JJ Abram's unofficial niece, I can't have that.

Dalia and Richard were PERFECT subjects, however. They were patient, they danced with ease and it's awlays great when you can see how much a couple loves each other through photos. They easily made poses their own and didn't shy away from cuddling. Through talking to them more I learned about both of their solo ventures and brave spirits. Richard works for his family moving business, working on his fitness and Dalia is a make up artist and does WONDERS with brows. She's worked for me before doing make up for boudoir and she absolutely kills it every time.

Regardless of my overall feelings for the new Sony system, the photos below were sharp as hell and it was a fun and completely silent experience, so check them out and if you have more questions, please feel free to ask!