Hey Rushes! | Elopement at Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park was more beautiful than I could imagine.

When Maggie reached out and asked me to show her some landscapes I froze. I live in Kansas, all I've got are rolling hills occasionally! However, i'd photographed her sister's wedding a couple years back so she decided she liked my style enough to bring me out to Colorado with her and her amazing family.

Maggie and Lance didn't want to get married in front of a bunch of people. They are adventurous spirits who are wonderfully in love and are tons of fun and when they got married they only wanted their nearest and dearest there with them.

When I asked Maggie & Lance about their proposal, what stuck out to me most was "rain follows us". We spent the whole day trying to plan around Estes Park rain, which was absolutely bananas.

Rain in Estes Park is unpredictable.

For a girl that's never seen mountains before? It was crazy. The Ryan family is very familiar with Colorado, so they led me through how it's best to just take it minute by minute and everyone has their own umbrellas just in case. Turns out we dodged the most of it even getting a beautiful rainbow.

Their wedding made me want to elope in the mountains as well, and I'm sure after these photos you'll feel the same.