I switched from Canon to Nikon - What's in my Bag?

I've wanted to switch to Nikon for at least 5 years.

The biggest reason I never did? Honestly, laziness. The first camera I ever put my hands on was a Canon Rebel XT. For my college graduation, I received a Canon Rebel XSi. Slowly, I bought my way up to better equipment. The thought of selling it was daunting. I tried out the Sony A7iii & it just wasn't where I wanted it to be yet. I decided to put out some "feelers". I just hoped one person would be interested. I never expected it to go so quickly, but it did.

Previous Canon Gear:

Canon 5D Mark 3
Canon 5D Mark 4
Canon 50 1.8
Canon 24 2.8
Canon 85 1.8
Canon 135 2.0
Canon 35 1.4 V2

 Kansas City Engagement Photographer | Hey Tay | Nelson Atkins Museum
 Nelson Atkins Museum - Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Some of my favorite images were taken with this gear. I still love Canon.

But there was a turning point. My final "leap" or "aha" moment was when I was looking at my images and the images of my second photographer while editing. I zoomed in at 100% detail and saw that her images, on a camera much older than mine and with "slower" lenses looked immensely better at 100%.

My "new" Nikon Gear:

Nikon D750 (2)
Nikon 35 1.4
Sigma 50 1.4 Art
Nikon 85 1.4
Sigma 135 1.8 Art

 Nerman Museum - Kansas City Wedding Photographer - Kansas City Engagement Session

I've already photographed some of my favorite images with these new cameras. It was a scary switch, but so far after about a month, I do not regret it. I've photographed one wedding with it so far, and it went well. I have photographed several families, engagements, 1-year-birthdays, etc. They are great cameras and I actually ended up just about breaking even and was able to justify getting the faster 1.4 lenses.

What I prefer about Canon

*  The live view mode was quicker * Their CPS/service tiers that include cleanings * The wheel that you are able to use to view photos * The "quiet" shutter is actually quiet

What I prefer about Nikon

* How customizable the buttons are * The ability to change your focal point just by using the directional pad * 2 SD card slots, as opposed to Canon's CF & SD card slots * Battery life * The dynamic range is everything people hype up and more

** Honorable mention for how much I'm enjoying buying things for Nikon because everything costs less. I have found it easier to find and buy refurbished products. (I, in general, only purchase refurb.)

 Family Tree Nursery - Kansas City Same Sex Engagement Session

Of course, I am just one opinion.

Please choose for yourself! This decision was YEARS in the making for me. I researched my eyeballs off. I rented cameras, I rented lenses, I asked people whose work I admired and who I know think about things technically what their favorite equipment was. I made sure I would break as close to even as possible.

Here's a great article, with prices, that even more broadly explains how to choose your camera.

I'm not into "brand wars" or blind loyalty. I want what works best and I want what's affordable. I don't expect or think anyone could ever look at my work, if they didn't know the time frame of me doing this, and be able to say "Oh, these photos were obviously taken from a Nikon camera."

Your equipment does not define your work. You do.