what if “xyz” happens to you & you can’t photograph my wedding?

First, I’ve been in this business for a few years now. This has never happened. If it does? I have whatever the modern version of a rolodex is full of talented wedding photographers who could take over for me. I am prepared in all ways… always.

I’m having trouble finding “xxxx” vendor. Can you help?

Absolutely. Eary 2019 I started a list of vendors who were LGBTQ+ friendly. I update it quarterly. Even if you don’t book me, you’ll have access to that list. If you do book with me, I’ll even go a step further and help put feelers out to my favorite people. We’ll get you what you need!

 what happens if your equipment fails?

I’ve got back ups on back ups on back ups. I photograph with (2) sony mirrorless cameras and I have a multitude of lenses, lights, and stands. All of this equipment has a replacement in case something happens and it’s all in my cute little rolling bag.

how long does it take to view my photos?

Sneak peeks? 24 hours. Your full gallery? Within 30 days. Yep. Seriously.

what’s your approach/style to wedding photography?

I lean towards a true to life/slightly moody coloring in my approach. If you paid for blue suits - you’re going to get blue suits in your photos. When it comes to your day, I will show up, become a fly on the wall, and capture things as they come. I’ll give you some small pointers so you look your best, but it’s so important that you look like you. Your posed family portraits are obviously different and they’ll look picture perfect for walls, mantles, and office desks.

how do we book?

My contact form gets you 50% of the way there! From there all you’ve got to do is pay a $1000 deposit and sign the contract! That gets you on my calendar. Your date is reserved and now my time is yours! I give priority for booking sessions and you get access to my VIP facebook group.