hey, i’m tay

I’m a midwest wedding photographer, based in Kansas City, whose primary focus is photographing people who like each other a whole lot. (Don’t wanna put any pressure on those of you who haven’t said ily yet). I decided ages ago you don’ thave to have a reason to get your photo taken with your boo.

Sometimes I wish I had the time to book a session just to celebrate “insignificant milestones” like annoying my fiance by tap dancing in the grocery store aisles for the millionth time.

My priority is making my clients feel seen. I can’t promise you a million dollars, but I can promise you that you’ll see people who look like your family all over this website.


fun facts about me

  1. My favorite dog in the world is a chihuahua. I don’t own one. Yet. You’ll be overloaded with photos when I do.

  2. When people ask me what shows I watch on Netflix or Hulu I respond all of it. Right now my favorites are: Superstore, Brooklyn 99, & Jane The Virgin.

  3. I started photographing people in High School. I won one award, got a big head, and decided to go for it. That was 11 years ago.

  4. My favorite way to take your photo is before, after, or during a double date. The more relaxed you are, the more like yourselves you’ll look in your photos.

  5. I’ve been reading since I was 3. I used to memorize Maya Angelou poems for competitions and retirement parties.