wedding questionnaire

Hey hey! Here is where you'll fill out some details for my personal records to ensure your big day goes smoothly as well as so I can publish your photos on my own blog.

Personal/Contact Information
Your Name *
Your Name
Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
Contact Number *
Contact Number
Your number in case of emergencies
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Wedding Point of Contact
Wedding Point of Contact
Who to bother so I'm not bothering you on your big day!
Point of Contact Phone Number
Point of Contact Phone Number
Wedding Details
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
I promise I know it, this is for confirmation and records! I make a list and check it 12 times.
Photographer Arrival Time *
Photographer Arrival Time
Photographer arrival time
Photographer Departure Time *
Photographer Departure Time
Will you and your partner be getting ready at the venue? Two different spaces? Keep in mind with packages that include one photographer, I can only photograph one person getting ready depending on distance.
If different than ceremony address
How many are there? Do you have family members in your party?
Will you be having a first look? *
Think dress, flowers, venue, food, DJ, etc.
Please let me know if there's any family related news I need (don't photograph this aunt with that uncle kind of stuff)
Is your timeline ready to go? *
If your Timeline is completed, please copy/paste it here
Please don't forget to tell me if there is something significant to photograph! Photos of a deceased family member, family heirlooms, etc. I will of course try to photograph everything of importance, but just want to make sure!
For the blog!
I try to blog every couple that comes through, here are the details I use to do that!
Can I submit to blogs for publication?
I try to only submit to inclusive blogs that support equality!