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Yo! I know that getting your picture taken is freaking nerve wracking and that’s why I’m writing this. If we all had instructions on how to best rock different aspects on our lives, we may be a little better off. I can’t help teach you how to adult, but I can help teach you how to look and feel your best during your couples session.


 dress comfy

Clients tend to think that engagement/anniversary/just because photos mean that they have to rent a dress, get their hair and make up done and spend a billion dollars. Of course it CAN be that if that’s the vision that you want, but it doesn’t have to be. Pictures look (and feel) best when YOU feel your best. If you buy a new outfit you hate or get a haircut you don’t love, you’ll look uncomfortable and you’ll feel it in your photos.

Some of my favorite client looks have just been outfits they loved and looked good in so they went for it.

You are always more than welcome to text/e-mail me photo ideas as well! I won’t ever tell you what to wear, but I’d love to get input if needed. Want an easy way to play it safe?

One of you wear a pattern while the other wears either a complimentary or monochromatic solid. It keeps the photo from looking too busy.



location, location, location

The sky is the limit! We don’t have to go to the park and say “cheese”.

Matter of fact, I’d rather not.

The possibilities are honestly endless, but I’ll give you a jumpstart list of ideas:

  • The place your partner proposed

  • Your favorite coffee shop

  • Your home

  • The state fair

  • Your wedding venue

  • Your childhood neighborhood

  • A tree farm

  • The lake


let’s do something


In conjunction with the let’s stay away from the same old tired thing let’s do something!

You can cook me a nice meal (I won’t object but I am a picky eater), we can go dancing, we can go to the park and drink some champagne. The possibilities are endless. Plus, the more we’re doing the less you’ll think about what we’re doing and we all know being in front of the camera can cause some serious nerves.

One of my new favorite traditions is putting back on your wedding attire for an outfit and hanging out around the house or just going somewhere you normally wouldn’t in those nice clothes. It’s been a year (or more) who cares if you get it dirty! Besides, that’s why dry cleaners exist ;D.


  • Make a date of it! Literally. You don’t want to be stressed on picture day, so do your best to have a relaxing day beforehand. I’ve been known to make a session or two into a double date and my partner and I are always down for drinks (or pancakes if it’s a sunrise session). If you do get your hair done? Use it as an excuse to go on a night on the town after photos.

  • Make a playlist! I’ll usually bring my speaker and play my own if you don’t, but don’t be surprised if I ask you to boogie.

  • Do you drink to loosen up? Don’t feel bad about having one or two before we start.

Questions? Feel free to reach out!
I’ll see you soon!

e-mail: mail@hey-tay.com
phone: 816-219-4448