I hate having my picture taken. I feel weird and uncomfortable and out-of-place. But Tay made the whole thing a breeze.

a guide to effectively werking your session

Hey there! You’re getting this guide because you booked a sweetheart session with me and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get great pictures that you love. Everyone deserves to feel like themselves in photos, no matter what “themselves” is. So, what’s that mean? It means that I take the information I get from you about your relationship, your hobbies, etc. and we turn it into a beautiful session that fits your style. If that means you just know you want to get photos of the city and go to pretty buildings? That’s fine. If you want to go grab a bird scooter though and explore the city through that? I’m down.


there are no limits to your sweetheart session*

* If you wanna leave the KC area, there may be an applicable travel fee, but like… other than that? Limitless.

let’s go rollerblading
or we can bake cookies
or we can go ride a ferris wheel
or let’s chill out at your house and pet your dogs
maybe we’ll go to your favorite vintage shop and look at records
pop up art installations are cool as heck
and I heard that people like ice cream?
sometimes my clients are into pottery or paint nights

Basically, let’s have fun.


It’s Session day! What now?

My approach to photos is to guide you. Not necessarily pose you. However, some people thrive on that structure of a classically posed session, & if that’s you, let me know! Otherwise, we’ll head to our first location and I’ll do a mix of putting you in position and asking you to interact with each other in ways that elicit genuine responses and loving looks with one another.

For Example:
whisper in their ear your favorite thing about them
pick them up and swing them around
blow out that dandelion and make a wish

stand next to each other like you’re a couple of bad assses

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it totally is. People can be self conscious and worried about hating the way you look but it’s impossible to do so when you are taking photos with a person who makes you feel good. If you want to grab a drink before hand to calm your nerves, do so! I’ll even join you if you’d like. You should be looking forward to taking these photos and I never want it to feel like a chore.

Once we’re done, you’ll receive a sneak peek within 24 hours and your full gallery within 1 week.

sweetheart session package options



start approx. 2 hours before sunset or the 2 hours surrounding sunrise
receive all digital files in an online gallery (40+)
2 outfits
2 locations within 10 miles of each other



45 minute session (before sunset/after sunrise)
receive 20 edited digital files in an online gallery
1 outfit
1 location in the kansas city area



here’s some example galleries