No worries, I got you.



step one

We link up. You fill out the contact form which gives me a good idea of your wants/needs and makes the whole process smooth af. I’ll reply back ASAP. From there, maybe you tell me you have the cutest dog ever. I’ll challenge you to a “cute dog contest” and we’ll compare puppy photos and ultimately it will end up in a draw because all dogs are amazing.

step two

You book! Or at least, I’m pretty sure you will. My dogs have that affect on people. All this takes is a $1000 deposit and a signed contract and you’re on my calendar. We’ll start talking engagement photo plans and I’ll send you over my engagement guide to get the brain flowing so we can give you a unique engagement experience.

step three

The Facebook Group. I’ll add you to my top secret VIP “to be wed” Facebook group. You’ll be able to connect with other clients, win some cool giveaways, and share your wins and wisdoms when it comes to the planning process. We’re all in this together.

Tom's Town Distillery - kansas City Wedding first dance photo

step four

Your big day arrives! You will have given me a detailed questionnaire to ensure everything goes the way you envisioned it, so you’ll just need to sit back and enjoy your day. I’ll grab the smiles, the tears, & all the other good stuff. Then, holy shit, you’re freaking married! I’ll say my goodbyes, go home, and work some secret magic to make sure you can see photos of your day within 24 hours.

step five

It’s here, it’s here! Delivery day. You’ll receive your photos back within 30 days. Yep. I mean it. Industry standard is anywhere from 6-12 weeks, but I’ve got this process down. After countless weddings over the past few years, I’ve never missed a deadline and I’m not stopping now. You’ll receive a couple of surprises leading up to this, so you’ll never feel left out of the loop. Wanna sneak peek at what could be yours? Check out this gallery.


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